Phone: 01635 579662  Fax:01635 579235    Farm shop:01635 579663                             e-mail: Vicars Game Ltd has been supplying farm shops, restaurants, butchers and other outlets for over 100 years. We hold large stocks of beef, pork, lamb, poultry, game, bacon and sausages and with our vans in Smithfield Market every night, we have access to a vast range of extras including deli meats and cheeses. All of our sausages are made on site, hand linked and use only the finest quality meat. We produce over 50 different flavours and regularly make over 2 tons a day.   Our bacon is dry cured on site and is quite simply, the best. Our black & white puddings  are all home made to  our own recipe   We also have a smoke house where we cure our own wild boar and venison fillets to produce a wonderful sliced, ready to eat delicacy.
Countryside Alliance Southern Region Winner 2010 and 2011 ““Last year’s winners return triumphant, they just can’t be topped! Vicars is an incredible outfit which has been going for over 100 years. Its output is dazzling, with over 50 types of sausage made in quantity – the team regularly makes 2 tonnes per day. Vicars supports local farmers and shoots, with one nomination praising their support for British game. Game’s popularity is certainly on the rise and Vicars has been leading the charge – they process around 200,000 pheasants and partridges each season, making the most of nature’s harvest. The tempting and diverse range of produce on display, from home made pies to bacon cured on site, will bring a smile to the face of anyone who wants to support our farmers and producers and understands that local is by far and away the best. Congratulations to the team at Vicars led by the experienced Hayward brothers, this win is richly deserved." PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR OUR COMPANY STATEMENT ON THE RECENT NEWS REGARDING HORSE MEAT IN THE UK